Personal servitude

(Law) that which arises when the use of a thing is granted as a real right to a particular individual other than the proprietor.

See also: Servitude

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and Betty created a personal servitude, then Anna would hold the right
a personal servitude benefiting the economic interest of U-Serve, a
639 (2010) ("The personal servitude of right of use confers in
thus constitute a limited personal servitude, while building
Code governs the permissible content of personal servitudes.
Article 604 as limiting the content of personal servitudes to
simply by holding personal servitudes binding all properties used as
rely on a distinction between predial and personal servitudes.
types of personal servitudes, this Comment will deal only with rights of
predial servitudes, and by extension limited personal servitudes (rights
With characteristic mastery of the primary literature, the authors carefully argue that a startling number of white southerners adhered to the tenets of Slavery in the Abstract, "the doctrine which declared slavery or a kindred system of personal servitude the best possible condition for all labor regardless of race.
Fitzsimmons tacitly accepts that the legislators could clearly identify what practices could be labeled feudal and moves on to discuss the effort to abolish outright elements of personal servitude while demanding the redemption of other liabilities linked to the ownership of the manor.
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