personal trainer

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per′sonal train′er

a person who works one-on-one with a client to plan or implement an exercise or fitness regimen.
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com)-- Ex-Army soldier invents groundbreaking software that allows Personal Trainers to run their business from a handheld device.
A personal trainer with the voice of your favorite Netflix character and the capability of pausing your music or show if you start falling behind your fitness goals during a workout.
Leading Personal Trainer Brent Easthorpe, agrees "When I was shown Fitfix, I could instantly see the impact it was going to have on the industry.
The way it works is through three types of weekly programmes - a group run where up to 30 people meet with a personal trainer and after a warm-up jog, they head to a community organisation to help with tasks.
The subscription-based platform opens up the potential market for personal trainers, who are typically restricted in volume of work by time and location.
According to ACE, "If you have a medical condition or a past injury, a personal trainer should design a session that accounts for this.
Dubai: Fitness professionals in Dubai must be registered with REPs (Register of Exercise Professionals) to become certified gym instructors and personal trainers.
Ross, from Guisbrough, said: "My ambition is to work as a personal trainer in one of the local gyms and to hopefully one day own my own gym.
The 27-year-old wife of footballer Wayne Rooney, who gave birth to her second son Klay, had shed most of her weight in just two weeks due to the fitness sessions her 22-year-old personal trainer put her through, the Mirror reported.
The REP has more than 29,000 fitness instructors from the UK on its books, including personal trainers and teachers.
I'm more motivated this time of year, absolutely," enthuses Mustapha Jundi, who has been coached by a personal trainer at Fitness Zone in Hamra for the past eight months.

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