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n.1.Disturbance; perturbation.
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Therefore, the new data from northern peri-Gondwana, as well as published data from Laurentia (Arctic Canada), suggest that a distinct negative perturbance in [[delta].
PARP cleavage and perturbance in mitochondrial membrane potential by 3-alpha-propionyloxy-beta-boswellic acid results in cancer cell death and tumor regression in murine models.
What training would you give a child in order to master the art of life -- to attain that flowing style of existence that slides around the rocks of fate with minimal perturbance, and even experiences exhilaration tumbling through the cataracts?
The accelerometer perturbance was simulated with normal distribution.
for 21 days had normalized the elevated levels of blood glucose, total cholesterol, triglycerides and LDL levels also increased the serum levels of HDL and thus alleviated the observed biological perturbances when compare to HFD control, received only vehicle.