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n.1.See Parvis.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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There have been seasons when freshmen were the catalysts to championship runs: Pervis Ellison and Louisville in 1986, Syracuse's Carmelo Anthony in 2003, Anthony Davis and his fellow future NBA friends at Kentucky in 2012.
Though Final Four Most Outstanding Player Pervis Ellison and teammate Kenny Payne - now an assistant coach at rival Kentucky - weren't present, notables such as Milt Wagner, Herbert Crook and Tony Kimbro were
Dee Brown and Pervis Ellison overlapped on the Celtics for a few season in the mid-1990s.
And I'll always remember Keith Smart's winning shot at the end of the Indiana-Syracuse game in 1987; and Louisville-Duke in 1986, with Pervis Ellison having an awesome shooting night for Louisville with 25 points and Johnny Dawkins going 10-19 for 24 points in a losing Duke effort.
Or else her then-boyfriend, NBA star Pervis Ellison, was playing a joke on her.
Strickland recently left ProServe to become president of basketball operations for Cleveland-based, sports management industry king International Management Group (IMG), taking with him such prized clients as Mitch Richmond of the Sacramento Kings and Pervis Ellison of the Washington Bullets.
The last two Celtics with 15 or more rebounds and six or more blocks were Dino Radja and Pervis Ellison. Celtics fans can only hope Faverani turns out better than them.
Strickland negotiated a $12 million-plus contract for 1989 first-round NBA draft pick Pervis Ellison, now of the Washington Bullets.
11 seed came in 1986 with LSU, though the combined seed total was 15 on the strength of 1-seeds Duke and Kansas, and 2-seed Louisville (the eventual champion behind freshman Pervis Ellison) joining the Tigers in Dallas.