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Noun1.Pesh Merga - a Kurdish guerrilla force in Iraqi Kurdistan
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Those who had originally promised to protect them, the pesh merga soldiers of Masoud Barzani's political party in Iraqi Kurdistan, had melted away in their hour of need.
No one wants to defeat the Islamic State more than the pesh merga fighters of Kurdistan
The victorious forces, which took back the territory with the help of American-led airstrikes, carried out raids in Amerli and dozens of nearby villages in Salahuddin and Kirkuk Provinces, the report said, citing 24 witnesses, including local Shaikhs and Kurdish pesh merga fighters, as well as evidence from videos, satellite images and field visits.
Since Islamist militants began seizing territory in June, Iran played a pivotal role in aiding the two Kurdish pesh merga militias and the three Shiite militias that have fought ISIS on the ground after four battalions of the U.S.-trained Iraqi army disintegrated in June.
If Isis had overrun the Kurdish pesh merga and besieged Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan's vast oil and gas fields could have fallen into its control.
Hannah noted that the Kurds have gained the most from the current chaos, having taken full control of the oil fields in Kirkuk, and the Pesh Merga have emerged as a force that can protect its own citizens.
'There is no need for Peshmerga forces to move into these areas,' said Jabbar Yawar, secretary general of the Ministry of Pesh Merga Affairs.
Unlike the Iraqi army, the Kurdish forces, known as pesh merga, are disciplined and loyal to their leaders and their cause: autonomy and eventual independence for a Kurdish state.
Maleki has deployed his troops in the disputed areas including Kirkuk province and the move could cause war with the KRG's well-armed Pesh Merga.
These battle-hardened forces, mostly former insurgents with al-Qaeda in Mesopotamia (AQM) or Ba'thists, are intended to become the local equivalents of Kurdistan's army called Pesh Merga.
Austin says: "All pesh merga forces have left Kirkuk.
"The session's program includes the discussion of a draft-law on integrity in Kurdistan, as well as a draft-law to ban party activity in the ranks of the Pesh Merga (Kurdish armed forces) and the Asayish (Kurdish Security) forces," the Kurdistan Parliament's Speaker, Kamal Kirkuki said.