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n. pl. peshmerga or pesh·mer·gas
A member of a Kurdish militia.

[Kurdish pêşmerge : pêş, in front of, before; akin to Avestan paiti, against + merg, death; akin to Avestan mahrka-.]
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Noun1.peshmerga - a member of a Kurdish guerilla organization that fights for a free Kurdish state
Kurd - a member of a largely pastoral Islamic people who live in Kurdistan; the largest ethnic group without their own state
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TEHRAN (FNA)- The Iraqi Kurdish Peshmarga forces thwarted the ISIL's attacks from three directions on the Western part of Mosul.
US strongly reiterates 'support for President Barzani and Peshmarga'
"Peshmarga's fight against ISIL is also the fight on behalf of the humanity.
Peshmarga forces after violent clashes forced Daesh to pull off to Bashiqa county noting that "dozens of Daesh elements killed during withdrawing to Baashiqa " / End
BAGHDAD/ Aswat al-Iraq: State of Law MP Alia Nsaif called today Iraqi president Fouad Ma'soum to "determine his clear stand on Kurdish region sending Peshmarga to Syrian Kobani city", stating that this move contravenes the articles of the Iraqi constitution.
NNA - President of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), Nechirvan Barzani announced that the Kurds have gone through a "bitter" experience with MalikiA's government, while pointing out the absence of any guarantee between Erbil and Baghdad and wished the new government not to repeat "the mistakes that brought the Iraqis to this stage." A statement by the presidency of KRG received by "Shafaq News", said that after yesterday's meeting with the Speaker of Kurdistan's Parliament in response to questions by journalists, Barzani announced that he had submitted a report to the Speaker of Parliament on the issue of displaced persons from Sinjar and Christians who went to Kurdistan Region, as well as the situation in the fronts of fighting between Peshmarga troops and terrorists of ISIS.
The bulk of this deficit is due to the unresolved issue of the Peshmarga forces with the Iraqi central government, said Salih.
The main obstacle on the way of the concentration of power in the Kurdistan Region is the fragmentation of the Peshmarga forces along party lines.
In the sidelines of the official talks, two sides also will hold talks whether or not Peshmarga forces would join the operation and what will be the dimension of Peshmarga support for Iraqi Army.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iraqi Kurdish Peshmarga fighters liberated three villages from the control of the ISIL Takfiri group in Southern Kirkuk on Tuesday, after heavy clashes with the terrorists.
BAGHDAD/ Aswat al-Iraq: The Iraqi Communist Party said that the coordination among the Iraqi army, Kurdish Peshmarga and military volunteers is an important factor to achieve victory against Da'ish organization.
Spokesman for Jabbar Yawar, the Secretary-General of the Peshmerga forces of Kurdistan, quoted Yawar as said today that "the Iraqi Peshmerga forces seized control of Wanah and deployed additional forces around the vicinity of Zummar, county noting that peshmarga forces performing more and more progress in these areas for the Liberation from terrorists Dsh gangs./ End