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n. pl. peshmerga or pesh·mer·gas
A member of a Kurdish militia.

[Kurdish pêşmerge : pêş, in front of, before; akin to Avestan paiti, against + merg, death; akin to Avestan mahrka-.]
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Noun1.peshmerga - a member of a Kurdish guerilla organization that fights for a free Kurdish state
Kurd - a member of a largely pastoral Islamic people who live in Kurdistan; the largest ethnic group without their own state
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Apart from this film, Farhal Pirbal is working on producing a movie on the Peshmerge, for which he has found significant sponsorship.
Cabbar Yaver, secretary-general of KRG forces (peshmerge), was quoted in Turkish media reports as saying that the Iraqi war planes had targeted civilian areas in the town.
Ary Hersin, told Aswat al-Iraq that "Peshmerge forces have arrived to the city on Friday, to protect the security conditions, along with the government institutions and public properties, in the background of clashes that took place between the demonstraters and the KDP guards, that killed one person and injured dozens of others.
Kuwait Consul "praised President Barzani's role in leading the fight against terrorists and the brave roles of Kurdistan Peshmerge in confronting the terrorists to protect human values." While the Kurdistan Region is developing its diplomatic ties, it is working to strengthen the role of the Peshmerge in defeating ISIS, and providing services to more than 1 million and 700 thousand refugees and IDPs; at the same time it is carrying out reforms and surpassing a financial crisis.
Jabar Yawar, spokesman for the peshmerge department in the north of Iraq, claimed that 248 top members of the terrorist organization PKK, whose extradition had been requested by Turkey, were not in the north of Iraq.
A Peshmerge delegate to Brussels recently held meetings with NATO, the EU, and some other European officials.
They certainly do all they can to attack the people but are blocked by the Peshmerge of Kurdistan--recently liberating Shingala.
The Peshmerge are a known ally of France, Britain, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Canada and US for the practical fight against ISIS, while Baghdad is behaving as the regional front with the three states disapproved by Sunnis.