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The act or process of burying.

[Middle English buriel, back-formation from buriels (taken as pl.), from Old English byrgels; see bhergh- in Indo-European roots.]

bur′i·al adj.
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the act of burying, esp the interment of a dead body
[Old English byrgels burial place, tomb; see bury, -al2]
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(ˈbɛr i əl)

1. the act or ceremony of burying.
2. the place of burying; grave.
[1200–50; Middle English buriel, back formation from Old English byrgels burial place =byrg(an) to bury + -els n. suffix; compare riddle1]
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See also corpses; death

the cloth or clothing in which the dead are wrapped for burial or other form of funeral.
a vault where the remains of cremated bodies are kept, usually in one of a number of recesses in a wall.
1. a funeral procession or cortege.
2. funeral rites or ceremony.
a burial in an urn.
a cemetery, especially one attached to an ancient city.
a funeral or funeral ceremony. Sometimes obsequy.
Obsolete, burial or interment.
the study of funeral shrouds.
an abnormal fear of being buried alive.
a love for funerals.
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Davy Jones’s locker A watery grave; the bottom of the ocean, especially as the grave of those who die at sea. In nautical slang, Davy Jones is the spirit of the sea, the sailor’s devil. Of the many conjectures as to the derivation of this expression, the most plausible include theories such as: Jones is a corruption of Jonah; Davy is derived from duppy a ghost or spirit among West Indian Negroes; and locker is a seaman’s chest. While the phrase Davy Jones’s locker has been in use only since 1803, the term Davy Jones dates from 1751.

God’s acre A churchyard, a cemetery. Although Longfellow called this phrase “an ancient Saxon phrase,” others claim that it is a more modern borrowing from the German Gottesacker.

The Greeks call their Church-yards dormitories, sleeping-places. The Germans call them Godsacre. (John Trapp, Annotations upon the Old and New Testament, 1646)

According to OED citations, the phrase has been in print since the early 17th century.

hic jacet A tombstone or gravemarker; specifically, the inscription on such a tablet, from the Latin hic jacet ‘here lies,’ a common introduction to a gravestone epitaph.

Among the knightly brasses of the graves,

And by the cold Hic Jacets of the dead.

(Alfred, Lord Tennyson, Merlin and Vivien, 1859)

marble orchard A graveyard or necropolis; also, bone orchard. This American slang expression is clearly derived from the multitudinous stone tablets in cemeteries.

A couple more punches and it would have been the marble orchard for him. (B. Broadfoot, Ten Lost Years, 1973)

put to bed with a shovel See DRUNKENNESS.

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Noun1.burial - the ritual placing of a corpse in a graveburial - the ritual placing of a corpse in a grave
funeral - a ceremony at which a dead person is buried or cremated; "hundreds of people attended his funeral"
2.burial - concealing something under the groundburial - concealing something under the ground
concealing, hiding, concealment - the activity of keeping something secret
reburial, reburying - the act of burying again
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noun funeral, interment, burying, obsequies, entombment, inhumation, exequies, sepulture He can have a decent burial.
Related words
fear taphephobia
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An act of placing a body in a grave or tomb:
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jarîarför, greftrun


A. Nentierro m
I like the idea of burial at seame gusta la idea de que mi cadáver sea arrojado al mar
B. CPD burial ground Ncementerio m, camposanto m, panteón m (LAm)
burial mound Ntúmulo m
burial place Nlugar m de sepultura
burial service Nfunerales mpl
burial vault Npanteón m familiar, cripta f
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[ˈbɛriəl] n
(= interment) → enterrement m
(= ceremony) → funérailles fplburial ground ncimetière mburial mound ntumulus m
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nBeerdigung f, → Bestattung f; (= burial ceremony also)Begräbnis nt; (in cemetery also) → Beisetzung f (form); Christian burialchristliches Begräbnis; burial at seaSeebestattung f


burial chamber
nGrabkammer f
burial ground
nBegräbnisstätte f
burial mound
nGrabhügel m
burial object
n (Archeol) → Grabbeigabe f
burial place
nGrabstätte f
burial service
nTrauerfeier f
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[ˈbərɪəl] nsepoltura, seppellimento
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(ˈberi) verb
1. to place (a dead body) in a grave, the sea etc.
2. to hide (under the ground etc). My socks are buried somewhere in this drawer.
ˈburial noun
(an instance of) burying (a dead body) in a grave etc. my grandfather's burial: (also adjective) a burial service.
bury the hatchet
to stop quarrelling. Let's bury the hatchet and be friends.
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