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 (pā-tăN′), Marshal Henri Philippe 1856-1951.
French soldier and politician who led the pro-German Vichy government (1940-1942). He was later convicted of treason and died in prison.


(French petɛ̃)
(Biography) Henri Philippe Omer (ɑ̃ri filip ɔmɛr). 1856–1951, French marshal, noted for his victory at Verdun (1916) in World War I and his leadership of the pro-Nazi government of unoccupied France at Vichy (1940–44); imprisoned for treason (1945)



Henri Philippe Omer, 1856–1951, marshal of France: premier of the Vichy government 1940–44.
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A Georges Clemenceau B Charles de Gaulle C Henri Philippe Petain D Albert Schweitzer 10.
France's Philippe Petain was such a hero in World War I that he earned the rare distinction of Marechal de France, but by the end of World War II, his heroics and old age could only spare him from ignominious execution.
FRENCH World War I hero, Marshal Henri Philippe Petain and our very own General George Grivas share many common characteristics.
Bosques tambien abrio un servicio juridico para defender ante los tribunales a los republicanos espanoles, pues el franquismo exigia su extradicion al gobierno de Petain.
Lloyd has Petain warning Foch that the poilus were "bled white, anaemic.
Continually I oratedprivately to friends, intimately to the inside of my head, publicly to my readersabout fascism and Bonapartism and the toadies of Marshall Petain.
IAN Mitchell is, of course, quite correct in his letter of February 27 in saying that we in Britain were right in not following Petain of France and collaborating with the Germans in 1940.
L'abbe Gravel partage aussi les opinions de Robert Rumilly en faveur du marechal Petain.
The files - previously kept under lock and key - relate to the puppet Vichy government led by Marshal Philippe Petain from 1940 to 1944 when France was under Nazi occupation.
Incluso il Maresciallo Petain, cui Tasca assicuro il sostegno (127) di un buon numero di deputati socialisti assai diffidenti verso la Repubblica di Vichy.
His 1966 book "Parades and Politics at Vichy" describes how Philippe Petain, as chief of state of Vichy France, used pageantry, reactionary politics and, of course, a partnership with Adolf Hitler to dupe his defeated country into believing that it still mattered in the world.
In 1945, Marshal Henri Philippe Petain, the head of France's Vichy government during World War II, was arrested.