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n.1.See Petard.
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S1 1 K 019135 15 Kri of 19 July 2017, acquitted the accused Nikola Zovko, Petar Krndelj, KreA
On February 12, 1997, President Petar Stoyanov appointed an official government headed by Sofia Mayor Stefan Sofianski.
Common Slavic names, Petar and Ema, carry spiritual connotations: Peter, the "rock" upon which Jesus built his church; Ema, the universal or whole.
Archbishop Petar Rajic conveyed to HM the King the Pope's greetings and respect as well as his best wishes of more progress and prosperity to Bahrain.
Belgrade: Yugoslavia's last king Petar II Karadjordjevic -- who fled the Nazi occupation of his country just days after being proclaimed monarch at the age of 17 -- was reburied with state honours in Serbia yesterday.
We met Petar in his office and through Tanja I asked if it were possible to take - on loan - a few pictures for my office in the District Government Building.
Governor Petar Gosev's 7-year term of office ends on 24 May.
At this year's Ohrid Swimming Marathon that took place for the 24th time, Bulgarian Petar Stoycev had its ninth consecutive win in the past nine years.
WALSALL manager Chris Hutchings this week expressed his sadness at the death of one of his former Chelsea team-mates, goalkeeper Petar Borota.
Croatian delegation also met with Petar Pop Arsov, chairman of assembly Committee on European Issues, and Silvana Boneva, deputy chairwoman of National Council for EU Integration.
Petar Videv, associate of A&I Broadway Realty, who is representing the landlord in this assignment is in search of a Supermarket, Gourmet Foods or other food vendor.
On December 27, Bulgarian Prime Minister Sergei Stanishev and Transport Minister Petar Moutafchiev officially opened the new Sofia Airport passenger terminal.