Peter's fish

(Zool.) a haddock; - so called because the black spots, one on each side, behind the gills, are traditionally said to have been caused by the fingers of St. Peter, when he caught the fish to pay the tribute. The name is applied, also, to other fishes having similar spots.

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Treat yourself after a day viewing art or relaxing on the beach at Peter's Fish Factory, which is in The Parade, opposite the harbour.
Eleanor's Gluten Free Bread, Creagh's Chicken Broth, Peter's Fish Cakes and Anna's Legendary Cheese Ball are just some of the dishes which are vying to get through.
Chick's roast cannon of lamb was superb - very tender, very tasty and plenty of it - but the prize for dish of the day was awarded to Peter's fish and chips.
Other names for John Dory are the St Pierre, or Peter's Fish.
Peter's fish has surged in popularity under its less glamorous name: tilapia.
Also known as St Peter's fish, it has a bold black spot with a yellow border on each side and these are said to flash an 'evil' eye if danger approaches.
Balaam's ass is the only one that talks, but Peter's fish in Matthew's gospel is the only one that pays taxes.
John Dory is also known as St Peter's fish, supposedly because of the thumbmark on the side said to have been made when St Peter caught it
Tilapia is also known as St Peter's Fish and Jamaican Fresh Water Snapper, so it's important that the industry adopts a common approach to the marketing of this species to avoid any confusion to the consumer.
Some people call John Dory the St Peter's fish because of a thumb-print mark on its side.
A large sackful had been put through the machine only minutes earlier at Peter's Fish and Chicken Bar, in Carnwadric Road, Glasgow.
Peter's fish from the Sea of Galilee to markets in Europe and the United States.