Peter's fish

(Zool.) a haddock; - so called because the black spots, one on each side, behind the gills, are traditionally said to have been caused by the fingers of St. Peter, when he caught the fish to pay the tribute. The name is applied, also, to other fishes having similar spots.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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In his open palm, he displays a Saint Peter's fish just pulled from his nets, barely bigger than his hand.
Barbara and Gino Tamburrini, who have been in charge of Peter's Fish and Chips at the Midsteeple since 2012, are calling for an end to the pedestrianisation zone.
Peter's fish" (tilapia) that abounds in Lake Tiberias. PETER'S FISH FACTORY, MARGATE, KENT Margate may be shaping up as 19 the cultural destination of the east coast with the new Turner gallery but you can still find the trappings of an old school seaside holiday.
Eleanor's Gluten Free Bread, Creagh's Chicken Broth, Peter's Fish Cakes and Anna's Legendary Cheese Ball are just some of the dishes which are vying to get through.
Chick's roast cannon of lamb was superb - very tender, very tasty and plenty of it - but the prize for dish of the day was awarded to Peter's fish and chips.
Other names for John Dory are the St Pierre, or Peter's Fish. They are also often referred to as Peter Boats (Saint Peter being the patron saint of fishermen).
The limestone known as Purbeck marble has Quiz of the Day ANSWERS: 1 Spartacus; 2 Sir Thomas Beecham; 3 Dorset; 4 Dominoes; 5 Botswana; 6 The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood; 7 Argentina and Chile; 8 St Peter's fish; 9 Joan of Arc; 10 Face/Off.
Peter's fish. Still found in the Sea of Galilee today its name comes from a story in the Gospel of Matthew in which Peter catches a fish car-tying a coin in its mouth.
Also known as St Peter's fish, it has a bold black spot with a yellow border on each side and these are said to flash an 'evil' eye if danger approaches.
It is also called "Saint Peter's fish." Evidence indicates that Jesus fed the multitudes with tilapia.
John Dory is also known as St Peter's fish, supposedly because of the thumbmark on the side said to have been made when St Peter caught it