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Noun1.Peter Abelard - French philosopher and theologianPeter Abelard - French philosopher and theologian; lover of Heloise (1079-1142)
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This is particularly true given natural law's primary concern with sin, which, as Peter Abelard explained, often is a matter of intention rather than of the act itself.
Then he profiles 13 key figures in the tradition, beginning with Justin Martyr and including Peter Abelard, Elizabeth I, Hannah Barnard, and Frederick Temple.
This basic axiom is what Peter Abelard affirmed in the 12th century with his famous treatise "Sic et Non" ("Yes and No"), and what Richard Rohr claims in his new book.
Contract notice: Installing a temporary half-board in the context of the reconstruction of the half-pension and restructuring vacated premises of the college peter abelard vallet.
You suddenly recall that Maundy Thursday hymn by Peter Abelard, poignant in itself, shattering when coupled to the chorale-like tune ("Intercessor") composed by Sir Hubert Parry, whom academics once solemnly dismissed to you as "dull" and, worse, "Victorian":
Hannam is a very good storyteller who manages to bring to life a plethora of obscure figures--the 'mathematical pope' Sylvester II (Chapter 2), Peter Abelard (49-61), and Giordano Bruno, for example--in ways that help to support his central theses.
In the index, readers will be confused that Richard de Bury and Richard de Furnival are under R, not D, or Band F, but Peter Abelard is listed as "Abelard Peter.
Scholars such as Peter Abelard and Franciscus Gratianus were the great intellectual figures of their day, and drew students from across Europe, speaking many languages and bringing with them many new perspectives and ideas.
Peter Abelard (1079-1142), whose view of the atonement has traditionally been described as subjective, considered the contemplation of the cross adequate to bring about repentance and the transformation of human life.
Second, the pieces themselves are placed in the context of her contemporaries' work: her compositions are interspersed with songs by Peter Abelard (the Biblical plaint Planctus David super Saul et Ionatha and the hymn O Quanta Qualia) and a selection of anonymously composed examples of early Aquitanian polyphony taken from the St.
It was not long before the Anselmian school's best-known student, the lively, restless, and independent-minded Peter Abelard (1079-1143), who found the Anselmians stodgy (to say the least), was a master at the royal abbey school of Ste.
Lovers Peter Abelard and Heloise prefigure a certain equality in romantic relationships.