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Noun1.Peter Abelard - French philosopher and theologianPeter Abelard - French philosopher and theologian; lover of Heloise (1079-1142)
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The individuum-theory is criticized by Peter Abelard and Joscelin of Soissons, and endorsed by Quoniam de generali as well as by the unpublished Isagoge commentary found in MS Paris, BnF, lat.
Nederman compare the trials of Peter Abelard and Gilbert of Poitiers, both of whom were vehemently pursued by Bernard, the powerful abbot of Clairvaux.
Peter Abelard claims that this story shows we do not really know how to distinguish miracles from magic happenings.
Medievalists gathered in Leeds, England during July 2011 for an international conference on interdisciplinary approaches to the work of Peter Abelard (1079-1142).
Then he profiles 13 key figures in the tradition, beginning with Justin Martyr and including Peter Abelard, Elizabeth I, Hannah Barnard, and Frederick Temple.
In the late fourteenth century, Petrarch had prepared his letters for publication using a Ciceronian model, and "[f]ollowing Petrarch, humanists classicized epistolarity via the ideal of the Ciceronian familiar letter (the letters of Seneca, Quintillian [sic] and Peter Abelard were also important)" (7).
This basic axiom is what Peter Abelard affirmed in the 12th century with his famous treatise "Sic et Non" ("Yes and No"), and what Richard Rohr claims in his new book.
Contract notice: Installing a temporary half-board in the context of the reconstruction of the half-pension and restructuring vacated premises of the college peter abelard vallet.
Some rather prominent actors in this drama (Berengar of Tours, Peter Abelard, and Joachim of Fiore) receive only cursory attention, but the author may have marginalized them as less important to his argument.
Hannam is a very good storyteller who manages to bring to life a plethora of obscure figures--the 'mathematical pope' Sylvester II (Chapter 2), Peter Abelard (49-61), and Giordano Bruno, for example--in ways that help to support his central theses.
In the index, readers will be confused that Richard de Bury and Richard de Furnival are under R, not D, or Band F, but Peter Abelard is listed as "Abelard Peter.
Scholars such as Peter Abelard and Franciscus Gratianus were the great intellectual figures of their day, and drew students from across Europe, speaking many languages and bringing with them many new perspectives and ideas.