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Noun1.Peter Behrens - German architect known for his simple utilitarian factory buildings (1868-1940)
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Gropius was at this point a 27-year-old nobody, a bourgeois Berliner with architects in the family, who had only recently been assistant to the legendary Peter Behrens. It was love at first sight, however, and Walter and Alma soon embarked on a passionate clandestine affair, which Gropius exposed to Mahler through an infamously misaddressed love letter.
Contemporary artists such as Peter Behrens and Henry van de Velde took over the management of the arts and crafts schools in DE-sseldorf and Weimar.
IN ZILINA, a gray industrial city in northwestern Slovakia, stands the Nova Synagoga, a Neolog synagogue designed by the illustrious German architect Peter Behrens (1868-1940).
It traces Noyes' early career and influence by German designer Peter Behrens, and describes the initial parameters of the design project as also influenced by Paul Rand.
Top: Peter Behrens Hoechst Dyeworks in Frankfurt-Hoechst, main hall, interior, 1920-25 (c) akg-images/Peter Seidel and, detail of Georges Barbier Fans, 1924, lithograph, Collection Kharbine-Tapabor, Paris (c) Bridgeman Art Library.
This was followed by a stint in Berlin with industrial designer Peter Behrens, a proponent of strictly rational, functional design and an admirer of the brand-new mass production techniques.
For example, she invokes the name of Peter Behrens as part of the austere group of modernist architects, but neglects to mention the sensual aspects of much of his work; surely The Kiss, his famous woodcut depicting two women with sinuous, interlocking hair, celebrates same-sex desire.
at Matildenhohe, Peter Behrens glutted every craft show
Instead, he provides a living, breathing vision of Detroit in its heyday." PETER BEHRENS
He first went to work for Peter Behrens, a painter-turned-architect whose severe or at least austere buildings rejected old-world designs in favor of what he saw to be authentic (that is, innovative--not derivative or replicative) and useful (no extraneous elements and decoration).