Peter Funk

the auctioneer in a mock auction.

See also: Peter

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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A lawsuit was filed against Pentagon contractor Mission Essential Personnel (MEP) by one of its employees, Peter Funk. Mr.
Speakers include: Mitchell Ingerman, CEO of Aurora Advisors, Peter Funk, attorney.
Pearl Street, the businesses turned to "Peter Funk shops,"
through neighborhoods of recent immigrants, to Peter Funk's seedy
(28) Peter Funk, a character in Asa Green's The Perils of
At the conclusion of his show he distributed wooden pencils, Peter Funk brass jewelry, etc., worth about two bits a barrel.
Among the games we played were: "Twixt" (1962); "Acquire" (1962); "Breakthru" (1965); "Scrabble Sentence Cube Game" (1971); "Roll-a-Role" (1975); "Reunion" (1979); "The Art Game" (1981); "Dinosaurs and Things" (1986); "Peter Funk's Winning Words" (1986); "Kids on Stage" (1988); "Future Stories" (1992); "Top Dog" (1995); "Blurt: The Webster's Game of Word Racing" (1995); "Skip-Bo" (1995); "Wishbone Card Game" (1997); "Rummikub" (1997); "Brain-O-Matic" (1998); "Quiddler" (1998); "Photo Trek Exploration Game" (1999); "W3 Who* What *Where" (1999); "Scrabble" (2001); and "Bionicle Adventure Game" (2001).
Peter Funk and Peter Meszaros, "Moisture Limits for Measurement of Moisture in Cereal Grains and Oilseeds Below Zero Celsius by the Dielectric Method."
a submetering, RTP and Curtailment provider; Michael Delaney, Esq., VP, Regulatory Affairs, NY Economic Development Corporation; Peter Funk, Esq., Duane Morris, LLP; Robert A.
Peter Funk, one of the presenters, said "controlling a building's electricity and fuel demands requires more than knowing how much it uses on a monthly basis.