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Noun1.Peter Mark Roget - English physician who in retirement compiled a well-known thesaurus (1779-1869)
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| Manchester Arena / / 0844 847 8000 / Thursday, March 29, 6pm / PS32.50-PS42.50 Visual art / In So Many Words: Roget's Thesaurus and the Power of Language Peter Mark Roget (1779-1869), invented the Thesaurus and was a founding member of Manchester's Portico Library.
"The Right Word: Roget and His Thesaurus" is a zany, informative, quirkily illustrated biography of Peter Mark Roget (1779-1869) for kids age 7 and up.
Born in London in 1779, Peter Mark Roget was an avid reader with a proclivity for making lists--of Latin words, of weather data, of facts about the natural world.
In a diatribe published in The Atlantic some years ago, Simon Winchester, author of The Professor and the Madman (about the making of The Oxford English Dictionary), lambasted Peter Mark Roget, the compiler of the granddaddy that spawned today's myriad online and school-bag versions.
Peter Mark Roget (1779-1869) was a "physician, physiology expert, mathematician, writer, editor, and chess whiz" according to his biographer, freelance journalist Kendall.
Peter Mark Roget (1779-1869), the creator of Roget's Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases (1852), classified throughout his life.
SMV is the spirit behind the approach of Peter Mark Roget (Roget 1995, 2000).