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Noun1.Peter Paul Mauser - German arms manufacturer and inventor of a repeating rifle and pistol (1838-1914)
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Peter Paul Mauser's original design, with its massive claw extractor, has become the worldwide standard for bolt guns used for sporting and military applications, lhe DNA of the Mauser rifle can be seen in many of the top sporting rifles of our time, including the Winchester Model 70 and the CZ 550, and Africa's professional hunters--a hard lot to please--st i 11 believe the Mauser 98 is the most reliable action for large, dangerous game.
Ironically, the '03 was a blatant knockoff of Germany's standard Gewehr 98 designed by Peter Paul Mauser. In fact, Herr Mauser sued the US government for patent infringement and won his case.
Peter Paul Mauser's masterpiece used some of the ideas from earlier Mauser rifles but improved them with a stronger action and a one-piece bolt that employed two front-mounted locking lugs plus a third rear lug to act as a safety if the other two failed.
When Peter Paul Mauser and his company's engineers designed a rifle for cartridges such as the 6.5x55mm, the 8x57mm.
Rifle historians will tell you that the Model 700 is one man's version of the classic Peter Paul Mauser action.
Rigby knew the key players, including Peter Paul Mauser, and in 1898 became the exclusive importer and distributor of Mauser rifles for the British Empire.
Several years before World War II the Czechs had already developed an 8mm carbine based on Peter Paul Mauser's Model 1898 action.
Typically, the initial manufacturer or designer is added as a suffix, as in "7x57 Mauser." From this label we can deduce correctly that the bullet is 7mm (.284 inch), the case length is 57 millimeters (2.28 inch) and the cartridge's creator was Peter Paul Mauser. Any other 7mm cartridges will be clearly differentiated by different case lengths and probably designers, as in 7x64 Brenneke.
Peter Paul Mauser took his 93, 94 and 95s and improved upon them to build the 96 Mauser, known as the also Swedish Mauser as it is long associated with that country.
Peter Paul Mauser's design--revised almost annually through the decade until 1898--seemed complete and, to much of the world, nearly perfect.
Because Peter Paul Mauser decided to improve his bolt-action rifle design with a third locking lug and improved metallurgy, many nations already equipped with the earlier versions decided to switch to rifles based on the Model 1898 action.
Winchester's three-position cocking piece safety moves horizontally, while the Springfield and Mauser operate vertically, but all have Peter Paul Mauser's two massive, opposing locking lugs, the long Mauser extractor and fixed-blade ejector.