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Noun1.Peter Sellers - English comic actor (1925-1980)
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TROUBLED PRIVATE LIFE Peter Sellers coMPleX Role Geoffrey GEOFFREY RUSH AS PETER SELLERS AUSTRALIAN actor Geoffrey played comic legend Peter Sellers in a TV film in 2004.
A CLASSIC comedy in which legendary funny man Peter Sellers played a Welshman got a repeat screening in its native Swansea last week.
1 DR STRANGELOVE (1964) STANLEY KUBRICK'S satire of Cold War nuclear lunacy stars Peter Sellers as the USA's (ex-Nazi) advisor, who suggests the top brass pass the apocalypse in a bunker, surrounded by 'stimulating females' to repopulate Earth.
The first show focuses on Peter Sellers, the man of a thousand voices, one of The Goons and - of course - Inspector Clouseau (right).
The feature length documentary entitled The Ghost of Peter Sellers is now in the running to becoming Project of the Month on Indiewire and -- if it wins it by getting the most votes -- will get a feature on the film site.
But his cars never argued back" Veteran actress Britt Ekland on her late husband, Peter Sellers, and his obsession with motors
A rare 1966 Lotus Elan S2 once owned by famous comedian and actor Peter Sellers will be auctioned at the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show this month by Silverstone Auctions, estimated at between Au45,000 and Au50,000.
1 TWO WAY W Stretch (1960) PETER Sellers plays Dodger Lane who plans the perfect robbery from his jail cell.
Film4 2.30PM Genial prison chaplain Peter Sellers is a literal clerical error after being sent by mistake to a Tory stronghold.
THE first clips of two Peter Sellers films which had been thought lost until they were salvaged from a skip have been released ahead of a world premiere event.
1980: Peter Sellers died in hospital, two days after suffering a heart attack while attending a reunion lunch with fellow Goons Spike Milligan and Harry Secombe.