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Noun1.Peter Stuyvesant - the last Dutch colonial administrator of New NetherlandPeter Stuyvesant - the last Dutch colonial administrator of New Netherland; in 1664 he was forced to surrender the colony to England (1592-1672)
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They as well got away with two cellphones valued at P500, 30 packets of Peter Stuyvesant cigarettes valued at P1 500, assorted airtime vouchers from Mascom, Orange and BTC of the total value of P5 000 after they allegedly fired gunshots to the victim in order to retain the stolen items.
But when it comes to the recent, boneheaded call for New York City to remove all memorials to Peter Stuyvesant, the 17th-century Dutch leader of the New Amsterdam colony, I have to draw the line.
The developers of the former Peter Stuyvesant Post Office site have given up on trying to get the green light to add another story to their planned East 14th Street residential building.
Peter Stuyvesant feared attack from European and Native forces.
It was commissioned for The City of Birmingham sculpture Project by the Peter Stuyvesant Foundation, but the council later sold it on to a used car dealership (the King Kong Kar Ko) in Stratford Road for just PS3,000, despite a determined campaign to keep it.
It is just the latest stop in what has been a bizarre tour of Britain for the statue originally commissioned for the city of Birmingham by the Peter Stuyvesant Foundation.
Under the 1972 Peter Stuyvesant Sculpture in the City project, eight cities were loaned sculptures by emerging artists.
The Peter Stuyvesant brand was also subject to discounts, as the operator sought to retain the brand's position as the leading cigarette brand in South Africa.
Peter Stuyvesant, the long-serving and often beleaguered Director General of the New Netherlands colony, is a complex historical figure and many historians have wrestled with his character, his actions, and his legacy.
With its deep purple flowers, Hyacinth 'Peter Stuyvesant' is not only one of the most striking spring plants, but it will also stop you in your tracks with its heady burst of scent.
Perhaps no man since Peter Stuyvesant left a greater mark on New York City than this Baptist bachelor, born in Worcester on the Green farm in 1820.