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 (pē′tər-bûr′ə, -bər-ə, -bŭr′ō)
1. A city of southeast Ontario, Canada, northeast of Toronto on the Trent-Severn Waterway.
2. A city of east-central England east of Leicester. Catherine of Aragon is buried in the cathedral here.


(ˈpiːtəbərə; -brə)
1. (Placename) a city in central England, in Peterborough unitary authority, N Cambridgeshire on the River Nene: industrial centre; under development as a new town since 1968. Pop: 136 292 (2001)
2. (Placename) a unitary authority in central England, in Cambridgeshire. Pop: 158 800 (2003 est). Area: 402 sq km (155 sq miles)
3. (Placename) Soke of Peterborough a former administrative unit of E central England, generally considered part of Northamptonshire or Huntingdonshire: absorbed into Cambridgeshire in 1974
4. (Placename) a city in SE Canada, in SE Ontario: manufacturing centre. Pop: 73 303 (2001)
5. (Swimming, Water Sports & Surfing) a traditional type of wooden canoe formerly made in Peterborough, SE Ontario


(ˈpi tərˌbɜr oʊ, -ˌbʌr oʊ, -bər ə)

1. a city in Cambridgeshire, in central England. 156,400.
2. a city in SE Ontario, in SE Canada. 61,049.
3. Soke of (sōk), a former administrative division in Cambridgeshire, in central England.
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On the 23rd he was going to a friend near Peterborough, in the same situation as himself, and they were to receive ordination in the course of the Christmas week.
On the other hand, it was told that when Freda, the dancer, arrived from over the passes in a Peterborough canoe in the midst of a drive of mush-ice on the Yukon, and when she offered a thousand dollars for ten sacks and could find no sellers, he sent the flour to her as a present without ever seeing her.
At Lake Linderman I had one canoe, very good Peterborough canoe.
Hand laundries were the only type of Chinese ethnic business in Peterborough until 1906 when the first Chinese restaurant was established by Tom Him.
The Peterborough Natural Areas Strategy was an attempt of one municipality to design and to implement an urban system of protected areas.
NEW YORK and LONDON -- Peterborough City Council (PCC) has selected Entuity[TM], Inc.
Premier Jay Weatherill and Regional Development Minister Geoff Brock are in Peterborough today to announce funding for two important local community projects.
YARMOUTH produced a sevenwin flourish, including four from Mark Wallis, in Monday night's home leg of the Group F Bags/SIS Intertrack match, but it was not enough to stop Peterborough marching into the final at Nottingham on Tuesday, December 23, writes Jim Cremin.
Phone No Rate Period Max% Adv Fee Incentive Norwich& Peterborough BS Phone No Rate Period Max% Adv Fee Incentive Norwich& Peterborough BS 0845 300 2522 2.
SHREWSBURY 2 PETERBOROUGH 4 SHREWSBURY were relegated from League One after being swept aside by a slick Peterborough side now guaranteed a play-off spot.
BEING a Peterborough United fan I was right to think, at the start of the season, that Peterborough would struggle to stay up this time, along with Huddersfield Town.
CARDIFF City aim to extend their impressive away record on Saturday - against a Peterborough team with the joint worst home record in the Championship.

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