Petit maitre

A fop; a coxcomb; a ladies' man.

See also: Petit

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A small number of CDs have been produced, and little by little, Gouvy's name is surfacing as more than a petit maitre.
And on June 26, Le petit maitre corrige will follow a young Parisian boy whose parents find him a match in the Count's daughter -- but the boy can't open his heart to her.
In parallel to this material simplicity, the show asserted a diminutive scale, both in the humble, colorful works scattered across the gallery and in lexical form--see Herzog's Petit Maitre (Little Master) and Tragerli (Little Carrier) (all works 2013, except, of course, Fox's).
On the basis of the first edition the image of Faure has been fundamentally rectified ever since: nobody will dare to belittle Faure today any more as 'un petit maitre salonard' (a small master of the salon).
(1) Del frances petit maitre: literalmente, <<amo pequeno>>.
Although the two men share many tastes--both revere Carlyle and Beerbohm ("He was the perfect petit maitre ...