petit four

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pet·it four

(pĕt′ē fôr′)
n. pl. pe·tits fours or pet·it fours (pĕt′ē fôrz′)
A small, frosted and decorated piece of pound cake or sponge cake.

[French, from (à) petit four, (in) a relatively cool oven (small cakes and pastries being so called because they are baked at more moderate temperatures than bread and larger cakes) : petit, little; see petit + four, oven (from Middle French, from Old French, from Latin furnus; see gwher- in the Appendix of Indo-European roots).]

petit four

(ˈpɛtɪ ˈfɔː; French pəti fur)
n, pl petits fours (ˈpɛtɪ ˈfɔːz; French pəti fur)
(Cookery) any of various very small rich sweet cakes and biscuits, usually decorated with fancy icing, marzipan, etc
[French, literally: little oven]

pet•it four

(ˈpɛt i ˈfɔr, ˈfoʊr)

n., pl. pet•its fours, -it (ˈpɛt iˈfɔrz, ˈfoʊrz)
a small frosted teacake.
[1880–85; < French: literally, small oven]
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Noun1.petit four - small (individual) frosted and ornamented cake
cake - baked goods made from or based on a mixture of flour, sugar, eggs, and fat

petit four

[ˌpetɪˈfɔː] Npastelito m de mazapán

petit four

n pl <-s -s> → Petit Four nt
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In the heart of town, near the restaurants and shops, you'll enjoy a comfortable bed, bathrobes, fresh flowers, and petit-fours on arrival - the little things that make such a difference.
"When was the last time you did something for your community?" she shouted at all of us sipping our white wine and nibbling our petit-fours. "And if you haven't - then shame on you."
She'll enjoy a glass of champagne on boarding, table canapes, a sumptuous five course luncheon with a half-bottle of wine per person, coffee and petit-fours plus a scenic four-hour excursion looping back to your departure point.