Petition of right

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(Law) a petition to obtain possession or restitution of property, either real or personal, from the Crown, which suggests such a title as controverts the title of the Crown, grounded on facts disclosed in the petition itself.

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Petitions of right asked for the recognition of undoubted rights, not mercy, and were directed at the King as the font of justice.
On the one side were petitions issued as a matter of royal grace or discretion; on the other were petitions of right. (25) Petitions of right claimed, in essence, that the petitioner's interests had been injured in such a way that, had the action involved a private defendant rather than the Crown, the petitioner would have had a legal claim.
After hearing the petitions of rights groups Free Legal Assistance Group (FLAG) and Center for International Law (CenterLaw) during oral arguments in November and December, the SC ordered the PNP to submit the data on drug-related killings.