n.1.One who seeks or asks; a seeker; an applicant.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Sheneti Vushe, 41, of Petitor Crescent, Henley Green, was convicted in her absence of driving with the wrong licence and no insurance, failing to produce her licence and MOT, and admitted failing to wear a seatbelt.
Wikis can be useful as internal platforms for developing Hans Hedin shared knowledge and com petitor profiles, as people might be more open to providing their own knowledge in this format.
So Cooke's charge to the line in front of Rachel Heal (bronze medallist in Manchester and best-placed English com petitor here in fifth) was particularly sweet for Welsh fans who had lined the city course around the Royal Botanical Gardens in their hundreds.
They have launched programs because it's the marketing "flavor-of-the-month" or a response to a com- petitor's card program.
Our approach is to provide analytics so that operators can revive dormant subscribers on com- petitor networks, enhance quality, and deliver the best possible services.
A search was launched in Torquay's Petitor Woods and on Tuesday rescuers found remains that had been there for some time.
Luke Quinn, 24, of Petitor Crescent, Henley Green, admitted possessing cocaine and cannabis and cannabis resin.
Kenneth Bourne, 26, of Petitor Close, Terrance McGurk, aged 29, of Alton Close, Karl Powell, 26, of Winston Close, and Dean Lindon, 29, of Mawnan Close, all Coventry, admitted conspiracy to burgle yesterday at Stafford Crown Court.
In a move that will make it more than five times larger than its nearest com- petitor, Newell has agreed to purchase Acme Frame Products, the third largest photo frame supplier.
No formal identifications have been made and RIDDLE David the Petitor postmortems are scheduled.
The families were told about the impact of litter at the parkland, at the rear of Petitor Crescent.
Before the court were Kenneth Bourne (26) of Petitor Close, Terrance McGurk (29) Alton Close, Karl Powell (26) of Winston Close and Dean Lindon (29) of Mawnan Close all Coventry.