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 (pē′trärk′, pĕt′rärk′) or Pe·trar·ca (pĕ-trär′kä), Francesco 1304-1374.
Italian poet, scholar, and humanist who is famous for Canzoniere, a collection of love lyrics.

Pe·trarch′an (pĭ-trär′kən) adj.


[peˈtrɑːkən] ADJpetrarquista
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Yet heavier far than your Petrarchan stuff- Owl-downy nonsense that the faintest puff Twirls into trunk-paper the while you con it.
Wyatt, it should be observed, generally departs from the Petrarchan rime-scheme, on the whole unfortunately, by substituting a third quatrain for the first four lines of the sestet.
Obviously, Morgan was not alone in her appropriation of Petrarchan literary convention; other celebrated writers such as Forster and Eliot also embrace this literary aspect of Italianita.
Dubrow shows that the remarkably popular Petrarchan tradition, with its characteristic elision of subject and object, offers an important challenge to traditional gender roles.
The stances prescribed to a lover in the Petrarchan tradition, in the words of a well-known limerick, reduce him (and it is usually him) to
Pope again foregrounds the duplicity of speech in stanza seven by undercutting Petrarchan idealism with Shakespearean double-talk: that is, like Shakespeare, Pope repeats Petrarchan idealism, but with a difference.
In addition to a number of Petrarchan sonnets, Burger is also noted for his translations from the English, especially for his renderings of the influential collection of English and Scottish traditional ballads, Thomas Percy's Reliques of Ancient English Poetry.
The scorned lover of the Petrarchan sonnet pleads with his unyielding mistress, sometimes expressing admiration, sometimes hostility.
He mocks the Petrarchan ideas of the Renaissance soneteers.
Instilled with Platonic and Petrarchan mysticism, she devoted her life to culture and sacrifice for those she loved.
In Ariosto the dolce errore of Orlando starts as a Petrarchan fixation when the lover creates a mental phantasm of the beloved, but already in Tasso hysteria sets in, and from ennobling the love passion of the hero Tancredi for his elusive woman warrior Clorinda becomes disabling.
The third 'bush' in Pant of Poetische Rosen-Gepusche, a sequence of sixty Petrarchan sonnets addressed to 'Marnia', can serve to exemplify Schirmer's poetic virtuosity and illustrates his indebtedness to exemplars.