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Money in any number of currencies that is paid to oil-producing countries, which then deposit it into Western banks.


(ˈpɛ troʊˌdɒl ərz)
revenues in dollars accumulated by petroleum-exporting countries, esp. of the Middle East.


[ˈpɛtrəʊdɒlərz] nplpétrodollars mpl
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Both Iran and Venezuela could have a great economic outlook had it not been for the petro-dollar and the power of hindering other nations' claim to their own resources it has bestowed upon US.
He said in a press statement that "the oil-producing provinces are demanding the guarantee of their financial rights in the budget law, especially with regard to the petro-dollar and additional imports," adding that "these problems can be solved through the provision of the central government financial guarantees for these provinces to complete their projects stalled and disposal of the effects of continuing oil operations.
The Russo-Chinese joint venture of introducing petro-gold instead of the petro-dollar has ushered in a multipolar order of economic configuration.
Muslim world should take coordinated actions such as rejecting the petro-dollar, boycotting US exports and withdrawing investments from American banks" -Linda S.
One may ask: how the so-called petro-dollar came about?
The only calibration that now counts is how much heart the international civil society, chiefly those who say they were bullied to back the Saudi membership vote like Belgium, are willing to invest, and how much they ignore their fears of being hurt or caught out, or coerced by Washington and the House of Saud's petro-dollar cash.
He revealed that Nigeria was almost running out of maize due to export to North Africa and Central Africa and asked Nigerians to step up food production so as to have adequate for domestic use and excess for export to earn agro-dollar not petro-dollar.
This fall in petro-dollar income has led to cuts in government spending observed in the last three to six months, which is compounding the situation.
KRG has vowed if Baghdad fails to pay Kirkuk it share in the federal budget and the petro-dollar budget, KRG would sell Kirkuk oil independently and pay Kirkuk its budget,?
The Scots appear to want to build a Norway-like petro-dollar social democracy.
And tomorrow it will be Gus Poyet's relegation-threatened Black Cats against Manuel Pellegrini's petro-dollar funded, star-studded, mega-bucks, Man City.
It concluded by saying " petro-dollar is smelled in the terrorism hitting Syria, Lebanon and Iraq, and thus the Syrian government calls upon the Lebanese people to stick to the national unity to confront terrorism.