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Money in any number of currencies that is paid to oil-producing countries, which then deposit it into Western banks.


(ˈpɛ troʊˌdɒl ərz)
revenues in dollars accumulated by petroleum-exporting countries, esp. of the Middle East.


[ˈpɛtrəʊdɒlərz] nplpétrodollars mpl
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From Venezuelas petro-dollars scheme to Russias arms sales and intelligence operations this external influence will solidify the future for the people of Nicaragua, and raises national security implications not only for the U.
Meet the entrepreneurs of Dubai, the fellows who put their petro-dollars behind such sure-fire winners as:
Because if he truly loved the club and players, why, instead of shafting them halfway through the season by admitting he'd finally been worn down by a sheikh's petro-dollars, didn't he stay and have another three amazing years?
It is incorrect to assume that solar growth will need to be subsidised by petro-dollars, when all the evidence points to solar being cost competitive with every conventional energy generation resource, on an unsubsidised basis.
Billions of petro-dollars were poured in countries with sizeable Muslim communities, in the form of donations to construct mosques and Islamic schools, leading to younger generations of Muslims subscribing to Saudi Wahhabi scholars and what they call Salafist Islam.
The gulf in class between City's slickers and Sunderland's plodders was hardly a revelation - a billion petro-dollars buys an awful lot of talent.
Rather than change course and invest the nation's petro-dollars for the day when the cheaper-to-produce oil runs out, President Maduro has resorted to an old trick of Chavez: He has concocted a combination of enemies - the US and his national critics - to deflect public attention from the state's corruption and bad management, worsened by false announcements and statistics about anything including Venezuela's energy base.
There has been a considerable infusion of petro-dollars from wealthy - and reclusive - Russian business man Maxim Demin.
Sadam claimed that Qatari authorities have a role in the implementation of this "genocide" saying their petro-dollars are "a contributing factor".
Othman said that "the amount of oil companies operating in the region of Kurdistan will be paid from the imports of region's oil, and the province will pay sums of petro-dollars to the provinces producing oil, pointing out that" the issue of financial allocations for the Peshmerga has been resolved, and as part of the ground forces.
There is also concern that earners of petro-dollars will adjust to their lower income by reining in spending.
Unsurprisingly, this type of offering has wooed the hearts of higher-end clients, such as the upper echelons of real estate developers, architectural and engineering companies, as well as governments rolling in petro-dollars that have pledged themselves to make their cities more green.