Petticoat government

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government by women, whether in politics or domestic affairs.

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Now that Benjy was laid on the shelf, and his young brothers were still under petticoat government, Tom, in search of companions, began to cultivate the village boys generally more and more.
Woodrow Wilson's stroke and his wife's influence thereafter produced the immortal - if, of course, highly #problematic - complaint from one of Wilson's senatorial critics that"we have a petticoat government! ...
Edmonton only escaped woman suffrage and the possibility of a petticoat government last night by Ald.
The last outing was to the River Dyfi last Wednesday and as Wednesdays are market-days in Machynlleth, I was fishing with the approval of my petticoat government!
First came a grisly wounding at Groveton on 28 August 1862 that cost Ewell almost his entire left leg and forced him to miss the Maryland, Fredericksburg, and Chancellorsville campaigns, followed by a marriage that would prompt rumors that Ewell had come under the sway of "petticoat government." Then, after returning to action in May 1863 as Stonewall Jackson's replacement as commander of the Army of Northern Virginia's Second Corps, Ewell turned in performances at Gettysburg, the Wilderness, Spotsylvania, and Sailor's Creek which ensured that the task of producing a truly balanced account of his life and career--one that offered a clear understanding of the challenges corps and division commanders faced during the Civil War--would be a difficult one.
After Woodrow Wilson's incapacitating stroke, for instance, Edith Wilson became the gate-keeper of all presidential decisions, giving rise to rumors that she was running a "petticoat government." Meanwhile, Bess Truman "read and edited Harry's speeches, and conferred with him daily on many topics.
The National Operatic & Dramatic Association, umbrella organisation for many amateur theatre groups, is in an era of Scottish petticoat government.