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1. A misdeed.
2. Law A criminal offense that is less serious than a felony and generally punishable by a fine, a jail term of up to a year, or both.


(ˌmɪs dɪˈmi nər)

1. a criminal offense less serious than a felony.
2. an instance of bad behavior.


An offense that is less serious than a felony.
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Noun1.misdemeanor - a crime less serious than a felony
crime, criminal offence, criminal offense, law-breaking, offense, offence - (criminal law) an act punishable by law; usually considered an evil act; "a long record of crimes"
breach of the peace, disorderly behavior, disorderly conduct, disturbance of the peace - any act of molesting, interrupting, hindering, agitating, or arousing from a state of repose or otherwise depriving inhabitants of the peace and quiet to which they are entitled
false pretence, false pretense - (law) an offense involving intent to defraud and false representation and obtaining property as a result of that misrepresentation
indecent exposure, public nudity - vulgar and offensive nakedness in a public place
bearing false witness, lying under oath, perjury - criminal offense of making false statements under oath
sedition - an illegal action inciting resistance to lawful authority and tending to cause the disruption or overthrow of the government
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Llandudno magistrates heard yesterday that the east side of Colwyn Bay suffered from drug taking, petty crime and vandalism, and if a licence to sell alcohol were granted to the Dingle Hill service station it was claimed there could be increased problems.
He had been involved in petty crime but he was never involved in anything major.
Over the next six months council chiefs are intensifying their anti-litter drive and offering more measures to overcome petty crime in North Tyneside.
Knutsford Crown Court was told Adams, of Nova Court, Crewe, responded well at first, but within months he returned to drug taking and petty crime to fund his habit.
This month, officers patrolling the Whiteleas and Biddick Hall estates will be asking councillors to pass a by-law banning public drinking, to help cut petty crime and anti-social behaviour.
Many of you will have noticed the sometimes incongruous presence of a foot-patrol police officer in your areas and we believe strongly that this is reducing petty crime significantly.
Mr Straw said old people, particularly women, could play a crucial role in cutting petty crime and vandalism.
As well as giving details of his conduct, Grenada-born Beharry will describe how he flirted with petty crime and drugs before joining the Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment.
Lee, who had a learning disability, drifted into petty crime and was sent on remand to Casting Young Offenders' Institution, in Northumberland.