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n.1.(Min.) A telluride of silver and gold, related to hessite.
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This paper underlines the mineralogical characteristics of these deposits by pyrite presence as the main mineral, either disseminated or as sulphur; the absence of arsenopyrite and the occurrence of a variety of minerals such as gold, silver, lead, bismuth and nickel of the telluride's group: Petzite, Calaverite, Silvanite, Hessite, Bolinskite, Shtiutzite, Melonite, and altaite, as well as the presence of gold of high purity and electrum (Torres et al.
There are several tellurides, (sylvanite, petzite, krennerite, hessite, and calverite), all of which are alloys of gold, silver, and tellurium.
Electron microprobe analysis has shown that the gold and silver-bearing minerals of the vein are the telluride minerals petzite and hessite, which are inclusions in pyrite.
Stage II includes deposition of milky to smoky quartz, pale purple fluorite, fine-grained pyrite, specular hematite, dolomite or ankerite, celestine, barite, roscoelite, sphalerite, galena, tetrahedrite, calaverite, krennerite, sylvanite, petzite, hessite, and native gold.