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n.1.One whose occupation is to make utensils of pewter; a pewtersmith.
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Around a third bear the mark of Sir Thomas Curtis, regarded as the most important London pewterer of the 16th century.
They were a guild with members drawn from various trades (Wagner's cast-list boasts a shoemaker, goldsmith, furrier, tinsmith, baker, pewterer, grocer, tailor, soapmaker, stocking-weaver and coppersmith), with the aim of safeguarding the art of song within a strict framework of structural rules.
As early as 1769, the Stockton pewterer, Edmund Harvey, had advocated canalising the Tees between Thomas Hustler's Newport granary/warehouse and Stockton, by "beheading" the two loops at their isthmuses, thus shortening the sailing distance by four miles.
26) Spencer was baptized on 8 April 1576 at Christ Church, Newgate, London, the son of Gabriel Spencer, citizen and pewterer.
Bohumil Zloutek worked most often with the pewterer Jan Kubat.
7) He was in fact a model carver and a patternmaker rather than a pewterer, creating copper moulds in which pewter was cast.
Pewterer (9) temperer Purupuru (9) torotoro hospices (23) piehouse
11) It was owned in the 16th century by two Londoners, "Alan Kyes pewterer of London" and "Robert Cuttyng master governor" (Doyle 1954: 104; Madan and Craster, entry 2322).
The cottage industry that this enterprising young man named Yong Koon started over one hundred years ago is now the largest pewterer in the world.
Then William Warrison, citizen and pewterer of London, paid off the mortgage and took a new one.
To staff some of these and various other operations he recruited several artisans, including coopers from Groton, Connecticut, a blacksmith by the name of Ambrose Ames from Bridgewater, Massachusetts, and a tinsmith and pewterer by the name of Samuel Pierce from Middletown, Connecticut.
33) His father, Gabriel Spencer, pewterer, married Anne Tatnall there on 5 November 1572, had a daughter Ellen christened in 1574, and was buried there on 15 March 1577/8.