a.1.Belonging to, or resembling, pewter; as, a pewtery taste.
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At one end of Morton's showroom there's a large, traditional wooden hutch painted a soft periwinkle with white trim, its formerly brass handles refinished with the paint and a metallic glaze to a soft pewtery sheen.
But winter wrens, in reduced numbers, still sing as intricately as ever; and in the dappled sunlight or pewtery moonlight of the forest I'll notice a ghostly, loaf-shaped, two-foot dome of white stationed on a downed log, and wonder what it could be.
"Of the various meanings of HOE," writes Ben Pewtery, "the one in this context is the `care, anxiety, trouble' now retained only in dialect.
If it flashed a message in the pewtery twilight of northern plains,
The colour is pewtery green with a silver frosted underside.