a.1.Belonging to, or resembling, pewter; as, a pewtery taste.
References in classic literature ?
Tis a death worthy of a sage who has wavered all his life; a death which is neither flesh nor fish, like the mind of a veritable sceptic; a death all stamped with Pyrrhonism and hesitation, which holds the middle station betwixt heaven and earth, which leaves you in suspense.
consisted of an absolute disbelief in everything but Pyrrhonism.
At one end of Morton's showroom there's a large, traditional wooden hutch painted a soft periwinkle with white trim, its formerly brass handles refinished with the paint and a metallic glaze to a soft pewtery sheen.
But winter wrens, in reduced numbers, still sing as intricately as ever; and in the dappled sunlight or pewtery moonlight of the forest I'll notice a ghostly, loaf-shaped, two-foot dome of white stationed on a downed log, and wonder what it could be.
The magical party transformed Beverly Hills into Far Far Away Land with storefront signs on North Canon renamed Abercrombie & Witch, Farbucks, Pewtery Barn and Versarchy.
Of the various meanings of HOE," writes Ben Pewtery, "the one in this context is the `care, anxiety, trouble' now retained only in dialect.
If it flashed a message in the pewtery twilight of northern plains,
The colour is pewtery green with a silver frosted underside.