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Noun1.Pezizales - order of mostly saprophytic fungi having cup-shaped ascocarps
fungus order - the order of fungi
Discomycetes, subclass Discomycetes - a large and taxonomically difficult group of Ascomycetes in which the fleshy fruiting body is disklike or cup-shaped
family Pezizaceae, Pezizaceae - large family comprising many typical cup fungi
family Sarcoscyphaceae, Sarcoscyphaceae - family of fungi belonging to the order Pezizales
family Helvellaceae, Helvellaceae - family of false morels or lorchels; some are edible and some are poisonous
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The orange peel fungus (Aleuria aurantia) of the order Pezizales is an ascomycete fungus that is noticeable in late summer and fall throughout many parts of North America and Europe.
Tuber melanosporum (black truffle of Perigord) is a hypogeous ascomycete, ectomycorrhizal fungus of the Pezizales order, with great culinary and commercial value (more than 1000 [euro]/kg) due to its intense aroma.