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n.1.(Min.) A hydrous arsenate of iron occurring in green or yellowish green cubic crystals; cube ore.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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1209 Liroconite and Pharmacosiderite, Cornwall, England, no.
sodium betpakdalite, sodium boltwoodite, sodium pharmacosiderite (also written as sodium-pharmacosiderite) and sodium uranospinite (also written as sodium-uranospinite) = respectively natrobetpakdalite, natroboltwoodite, natropharmacosiderite and natrouranospinite: to bring these names in accordance with other names with natro- as prefix
At Oumlil copper occurs as small grains, in some cases with pharmacosiderite and karibibite, and in other cases with small masses of cuprite coated by conichalcite in a section containing lavendulan and cuproaustinite.
Occurrence: In quartzites associated minerals with: arsenopyrite, scorodite, mimetite, pharmacosiderite, barium-pharmacosiderite and goethite.
Epimorphs/pseudomorphs of arseniosiderite after siderite and overgrowths of arseniosiderite on the edges of pharmacosiderite crystals were also observed at the Dolores prospect.
Associated minerals are: pharmacosiderite, olivenite, conichalcite, jarosite, arseniosiderite, scorodite, malachite, azurite, chlorargyrite, mixite and lavendulan.
(4) Secondary arsenates including adamite, erythrite, karibibite, parasymplesite, pharmacosiderite, olivenite, schneiderhohnite, and villyaellenite from the Veta Negra mine near Los Loros.
Occurrence: Associated minerals are: olivenite, conichalcite, clinotyrolite, cornubite, kolfanite, pharmacosiderite, gerhardtite, atacamite, gilmarite, wallkilldellite-(Fe), cuprite, domeykite, algodonite and native copper.
Pharmacosiderite [[KFe.sup.3+].sub.4][([AsO.sub.4]).sub.3][(OH).sub.4]*6-7[H.sub.2]O
Thin fracture coatings and vug linings of botryoidal, dark green to black dufrenite have been observed very rarely, associated with radial sprays of strengite, minute cubic crystals of pharmacosiderite, and local sprays of meurigite.
Associated species in microcrystals include pharmacosiderite. aluminotungstite, russellite, cassiterite, and two apparent unknowns.