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pharaoh ant

A tiny, yellowish-red ant (Monomorium pharaonis) that is thought to be native to Africa and infests human dwellings worldwide.

[From translation of New Latin pharaōnis, specific epithet (literally, "of Pharaoh," perhaps in reference to the plagues of frogs, lice, flies, and locusts that afflict Egypt in the biblical book of Exodus ), from genitive of Late Latin Pharaō, Pharaōn-, Pharaoh; see Pharaoh.]

Pharaoh ant


Pharaoh's ant

(Animals) a small yellowish-red ant, Monomorium pharaonis, of warm regions: accidentally introduced into many countries, infesting heated buildings

Phar′aoh ant`

or Phar′aoh's ant′,

a red or yellow ant, Monomorium pharaonis, introduced from Europe into North America: a common household pest.
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Noun1.Pharaoh ant - small red ant of warm regionspharaoh ant - small red ant of warm regions; a common household pest
ant, emmet, pismire - social insect living in organized colonies; characteristically the males and fertile queen have wings during breeding season; wingless sterile females are the workers
genus Monomorium, Monomorium - a genus of Formicidae
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BRITAIN will be bombarded by bugs this summer, including deadly pharoah ants, say experts.
Tom Frost, of Pure Pest Management, said: "The biggest problem will be the wasps - but the ones you really don't want are pharoah ants.
Pharoah ants cannot survive British winters outside.