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tr.v. pha·ryn·gea·lized, pha·ryn·gea·liz·ing, pha·ryn·gea·liz·es
To articulate (a sound such as a dental fricative or stop) with an accompanying constriction of the pharynx.
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asb, the pharyngealized form for 'horse', occurs far and wide within the Iranian linguistic zone, including the Lori of Khuzistan, some Central Plateau dialects, and Kulabi Tajik.
First tone vowels are neither pharyngealized, nor accompanied by a glottal stop.
Denton remarks that "the rhotics of the modern European Germanic languages include virtually every conceivable rhotic articulation from labial fricatives to uvular trills and pharyngealized approximants" (2003: 40) and goes on to say that it would be unrealistic to expect the same phonetic value of Germanic *r across all early dialects.
26-27), and the further diagrams showing the opposition of pharyngealized /s/ vs.