Phase meter

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n.1.(Elec.) A device for measuring the difference in phase of two alternating currents of electromotive forces.
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National electricity distributor Kenya Power says it will improve its meter testing capabilities by more than double after acquiring two new single phase meter test benches.
According to FIA spokesman, a team of FIA alongwith LESCO Technical team conducted a raid at Eman Centre 81 commercial broadway Paragon City where a bogus 3 phase meter was found installed and electricity was being stolen.
FESCO spokesman said here Sunday that FESCO team including Xen M and T Rao Zubair, Lab Assistant Mian Mohammad Nadeem, Meter Mechanic Umar Izhaar and Assistant Meter Mechanic Mudassar Maqbool checked electricity meters and unearthed power pilferage at three-phase tubewell meters in Chiniot, Chak Jhumra and single phase meter in Millat Town.
due to technical reasons or other incidents which included 373,786 single phase meters and over
Supply of 55,000 electronic meters to measure electric energy adapting to the prepayment technology and equipped to operate under the smart meters system including 50,000 single phase meters 10/ 80 Amp and other 5,000 three phase meters 5/ 100 Amp.
The equipment will be manufactured and assembled at FMC's facilities in Dunfermline, Scotland, and Kongsberg, Norway, and at FMC's Multi Phase Meters AS (MPM) operation in Stavanger, Norway.
Official sources said that Mepco replaced 176,845 single phase meters, 4,975 three-phase meters and 170 MDI meters.
MEPCO office sources said that during July to November this year, the authorities replaced 178,954 single phase meters, 1,934 three phase meters and 214 MDI meters.
The BoDs also approved advance medical treatment, mess allowance for newly recruited assistant lineman after four months mandatory training, 3000 kilometre PVC II core, 26000 disk insulators, 3000 km of Ant-Conductors, 1000 km rabbit-conductors, 420 HT/LT steal structure and purchase of new single phase meters.