Phase meter

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n.1.(Elec.) A device for measuring the difference in phase of two alternating currents of electromotive forces.
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FESCO spokesman said here Sunday that FESCO team including Xen M and T Rao Zubair, Lab Assistant Mian Mohammad Nadeem, Meter Mechanic Umar Izhaar and Assistant Meter Mechanic Mudassar Maqbool checked electricity meters and unearthed power pilferage at three-phase tubewell meters in Chiniot, Chak Jhumra and single phase meter in Millat Town.
Tenders are invited for purchase of single phase meter box made from thermosetting plastic for housing single phase meter as per specifications ,terms and condition of mgvcl tender
Tenders are invited for Three Phase Meter Replacement Work Of Three Phase Connection And Three Phase Meter Installation Work Of Ptw Under Edd Chitrakoot And Rajapur
Tenders are invited for Providing new connection & Replacement of 1/3 phase meter, MMB and service line with GI Wire, Rill, Egg insulator as per specification under Lalpur S/Dn ,Providing new connection & Replacement of 1/3 phase meter, MMB and service line with GI Wire, Rill, Egg insulator as per specification under JJES/Dn Opening date : 20 Jan 2018
Tenders are invited for Work contract for providing & fixing of service connection boxes - 27 way made of smc material with spring loaded connectors, Work of shifting of single phase meters from inside consumer premises to outside with supply of single phase meter box made of sm smc material & work of providing & fixing of multi meter boxes made of smc materials suitable for housing 12 nos of single phase meters & replacement of old & deteriorated mini pillar with providing & fixing of 400 amp.
Tenders are invited for Work of fixing of 3 phase meter, MMB & CT wiring for the work of providing metering on Distribution Transformer Centers installed on all 22kv feeders at Udhna-1 Sub Division & all sub division Under Surat Ind.
Tenders are invited for Annual Work For Installation And Replacement 1, 3 Phase Meter,General Maintenance Work , Pole Foundetion, And Pole Painting, Work Under Dhoraji Town, Earth Terminal Work Upleta Town, And Pilfer Proofing,BhayavadarInstallation and Replacement 1, 3 Phase Meter, MMB,and Service work Under Dhoraji Town Document cost : INR 1000 EMD value : INR 4900 Opening date : 15 Sep 2017
Tenders are invited for Installation Of Single Phase Meters On Unmetered Connections And Replacement Of Idf Single Phase Meters At Edsd, Charkhari Under Edc, Mahoba
Official sources said that Mepco replaced 176,845 single phase meters, 4,975 three-phase meters and 170 MDI meters.
Supply of 55,000 electronic meters to measure electric energy adapting to the prepayment technology and equipped to operate under the smart meters system including 50,000 single phase meters 10/ 80 Amp and other 5,000 three phase meters 5/ 100 Amp.