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Noun1.Phasmidae - stick insects
arthropod family - any of the arthropods
order Phasmatodea, order Phasmida, Phasmatodea, Phasmida - in some classifications considered a suborder of Orthoptera: stick insects; leaf insects
stick insect, walkingstick, walking stick - any of various mostly tropical insects having long twiglike bodies
genus Diapheromera - a genus of Phasmidae
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Insects belonging to the suborders Auchenorrhyncha, Sternorrhyncha and Heteroptera were considered sap-sucking herbivores, and insects belonging to the families Chrysomelidae, Curculionidae, Elateridae and Phasmidae were considered folivores.
What are members of the family Phasmidae with an elongated cylindrical body better known as?
Dermaptera and Orthopterous Families Blattidae, Mantidae and Phasmidae.