Phegopteris connectilis

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Noun1.Phegopteris connectilis - beech fern of North America and EurasiaPhegopteris connectilis - beech fern of North America and Eurasia
beech fern - any fern of the genus Phegopteris having deeply cut triangular fronds
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With regard to the beech woodlands, the northern Apennines have their own identity due to the presence of species which are not to found in the rest of the Apennines such as Phyteuma scorzonerifoilium, Phyteuma ovatum Dryopteris carthusiana, Phegopteris connectilis, Teucrium scorodonia, Trochiscanthes nodiflorus, Sesleria argentea, Anemone trifolia, in addition to a wide group of species of the Luzula genus such as Luzula luzuloides, Luzula nivea, Luzula luzulina, Luzula pilosa, Luzula pedemontana.