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Noun1.Pheidias - ancient Greek sculptor (circa 500-432 BC)Pheidias - ancient Greek sculptor (circa 500-432 BC)
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Hayward surrounded his sordid and vulgar little adventures with a glow of poetry, and thought he touched hands with Pericles and Pheidias because to describe the object of his attentions he used the word hetaira instead of one of those, more blunt and apt, provided by the English language.
Indeed, I cannot believe you; for I know of a single man, Protagoras, who made more out of his craft than the illustrious Pheidias, who created such noble works, or any ten other statuaries.
Gough Whitlam 'Pericles, Pheidias and the Parthenon' (2000) V Art Antiquity and Law 355; William G.
This leads to the room's main event, a trio of sculptures that invite visitors to compare the sculptural styles of Polykleitos, Myron and Pheidias in the 5th century BC.
An enraged Lego Pheidias watches the destruction from a few centimetres away.
the passionate and turbulent Athenians, contemplating the figures of Pheidias, might see how nearly, if only in creative sculptury, men for a moment had been like gods.
One single example would be enough: the eleventh century historian Kedrenos (322C) records a tradition according to which the fifth-century chryselephantine statue of Zeus, the work of Pheidias first exhibited in the Temple of Zeus in Olympia, was carried off to Constantinople (31), most probably in the years of the preparation of the city for the official dedication, where it was displayed at the Palace of Lausus, another building renowned for the vast and rich collection of statues housed within its walls (32).
Speaking to the Cyprus Mail, committee member and EDEK MP Pheidias Sarikas was more cautious than Syllouris, acknowledging the lack of hard evidence for money laundering.
Alma Tadema's Pheidias and the Frieze of the Parthenon (1886, Birmingham Museums) imagines the ancient Greek sculptor Pheidias unveiling his work on the Parthenon frieze for the first time.
Andrewsshrugsoff laten ight Giventhe occasion, itwasappropriate thattwoladyridersfoughtoutthefinish oftheopeningnovicehandicaphurdle, with Gina Andrews getting Pheidias hometothwartLucyGardneronMedic Man .
Pheidias Pilides is the new chairman of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KEVE), succeeding Manthos Mavromatis.
Pheidias, the greatest sculptor of classical antiquity, constructed the Athena Parthenos on a wooden framework with carved ivory for skin and a gold wardrobe.