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n.1.(Chem.) A nitrogenous hydrocarbon base, C13H9N, analogous to phenanthrene and quinoline.
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As previous reports shows, Galanthus gracilis collected from Yilanlidag/Mugla is hosting plant for 20 alkaloids of 7 Amaryllidaceae skeleton types which are phenanthridine, homolycorine, galanthamine, crinine, indole, tazettine and lycorine types.
Dihydrobenzo- fenantridina oxidasa phenanthridine:oxyg en oxidoreductase DSMO: EC
The simple chromophors quinoline, isoquinoline or phenanthridine will give access to new classes of compounds.
Malka Cohen-Armon found that the stroke drug - a member of a family of phenanthridine derivatives developed by an American drug company - worked to kill cancer in mice which had been implanted with human breast cancer cells.
The UF-100 measures the conductivity and analyzes the formed particles by electrical impedance for volume, measures forward light-scatter for size, and uses fluorescent dyes for DNA (phenanthridine) and membranes (carbocyanine).
Another important metabolite - lycorine (the main phenanthridine Amaryllidaceae alkaloid) - has been proven to possess several biological activities such as antiinflammatory (Saltan Citoglu et al.
Led by Professor Cohen-Armon of Tel-Aviv University, the researchers found that potent phenanthridine derived polyADP-ribose polymerase (PARP) inhibitors efficiently eradicate MCF-7 and MDA231 breast cancer cells without impairing normal proliferating cells, such as human epithelial cells (MCF-10A), nor normal non-proliferating cells, such as neurons and cardiomyocytes.
Quantitative photochemical DNA cleaving studies with nitrogen onium salts were performed using potential DNA intercalators based on the quinoline, isoquinoline and phenanthridine skeletons.
On the UF, cells in the urine are determined by light scatter (small-angle and wide-angle scattering) and the fluorescence of the cell membrane and the chromatin after staining with phenanthridine and carbocyanine as well as by impedance (6-8).
Although the interactions of ethidium with DNA have been well characterized, many questions remain regarding the role that the amino substituents (located at positions 3 and 8 on the phenanthridine ring) play in the intercalative binding process.
The OF-100 aspirates 800 [micro]L of uncentrifuged urine, dilutes the sample four times to dissolve the crystalline content, measures the urine conductivity, and analyzes the urinary formed elements by electrical impedance for volume, by forward light scatter for size, and by fluorescent dyes for DNA (phenanthridine) and membranes (carbocyanine).
The genus Toddalia is known to produce prenylated coumarins and phenanthridine alkaloids and derivatives.