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n.1.(Chem.) Either of two metameric nitrogenous hydrocarbon bases, C12H8N2, analogous to phenanthridine, but more highly nitrogenized.
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1979) and the iron in the extracts was measured photometrically at 492 nm using the phenanthroline method (Merck 1974).
However, in the phenanthroline method solutions of the complexes with o-phenanthroline are stable, and the Fe(III) bound in the complex is resistant to oxidation.
To avoid possible interference from ferrous iron and sulfite, these two parameters were tested using the phenanthroline method 8146 and colorimetric method of Jones (2001), respectively.
Nichols et al [10] described that simple, manual grinding of divalent first-row halides or nitrates with phenanthroline resulted in clear color changes of the [[M[(Phen).
033 M ferrous ammonium sulfate using phenanthroline monohydrate indicator.
Rebeiz N, Rebeiz CC, Arkins Z, Kelley KW:Photodestruction of tumour cells by induction of endogenous accumulation of protoporphyrin 9:enhancement by 1,10 phenanthroline.
Density functional theory (DFT) calculations have been performed to address the question of the preference for trigonal prismatic vs octahedral geometry, comparing this complex with the related octahedral phenanthroline complex, [Mn(acac)[.
This extract also presented a significant inhibitory effect on the peroxidation of rat-brain phospholipid and inhibited DNA damage by bleomycin or copper phenanthroline systems (Martinez et al.