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(fɪˈnɪʃ ə, -ˈni ʃə)

an ancient kingdom on the Mediterranean, in the region of modern Lebanon and Syria.
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Noun1.Phenicia - an ancient maritime country (a collection of city states) at eastern end of the MediterraneanPhenicia - an ancient maritime country (a collection of city states) at eastern end of the Mediterranean
Phoenician - the extinct language of an ancient Semitic people who dominated trade in the ancient world
Carthage - an ancient city state on the north African coast near modern Tunis; founded by Phoenicians; destroyed and rebuilt by Romans; razed by Arabs in 697
Utica - an ancient city on the north coast of Africa (northwest of Carthage); destroyed by Arabs around 700 AD
Ashtoreth, Astarte - an ancient Phoenician goddess of love and fertility; the Phoenician counterpart to Ishtar
Dagon - god of agriculture and the earth; national god of Philistines
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La regate a ete organisee par l'association de l'environnement [beaucoup moins que] Phenicia [beaucoup plus grand que] en collaboration avec la Ligue oranaise de voile et la Direction de la jeunesse et des sports, dans le cadre d'un jumelage avec le club sportif de Carthagene (Espagne).
The Network was honoured at the Gala Phenicia, organized by the Quebec Gay Chamber of Commerce.
Its primary rival, Gastrimut, is imported by another local firm, Phenicia.
The style of our hotel, the Sentido Phenicia in Hammamet, meant we could pack each day with action - or do virtually nothing at all.