Philadelphia lawyer

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Philadelphia lawyer

A skillful attorney, especially one who is knowledgeable about legal technicalities and their effective use.

[After PhiladelphiaPennsylvania.]

Philadel′phia law′yer

a lawyer of outstanding ability at exploiting legal fine points and technicalities.
[1780–90, Amer.]

Philadelphia lawyer

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John Grogan, a Philadelphia lawyer and Catholic, was surprised when his family's own priest approached him in the aftermath of the 2002 explosion of the church sexual abuse crisis, asking for his help as an advocate.
In reaction to the Budget, she said:"Well you want to be a Philadelphia lawyer to understand it all - but from what I gathered it was a bit of a mixed bag.
Elder daughter Aimee (Cassie Beck) is a successful Philadelphia lawyer, but she's suffering a bout of colitis today, so excuse her if she's not in top form.
A Philadelphia lawyer, Conrad Benedetto, said he has been hired by Reid's wife, Lawanda, to investigate.
A former Liberian defense minister accused of lying about his past has been arrested on immigration charges, but his Philadelphia lawyer said he never took part in the atrocities that ravaged his country, the AP reported.
Philadelphia lawyer Daniel Berger, an Obama campaign bundler and early Ready for Hillary donor, said he was asked to contribute because of his support for the party.
There's been no confirmation that Law and Peruto were in a relationship, but the prominent Philadelphia lawyer wrote about how close he was to his paralegal in a post on his ( Facebook page that referenced her death.
Shestack, a prominent Philadelphia lawyer, diplomat, former president of the American Bar Association, and longtime supporter of this magazine, died August 18th at his home in Philadelphia.
Richard Atkins, a Philadelphia lawyer who specializes in helping Americans imprisoned abroad, told the crowd Iran was violating its own laws by holding the trio more than four months without filing any charges against them.
"Some of these schemes are well intentioned," he said, "but you have to be a Philadelphia lawyer to find your way through the treacle.
The Philadelphia lawyer slid behind the mower's steering wheel to challenge a visibility study referenced an hour earlier in a closing statement by Isabelle's attorney, Don Corson of Eugene.

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