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n. Greek & Roman Mythology
A peasant woman of Phrygia who together with her husband Philemon received with great hospitality Zeus and Hermes disguised as men. The gods rewarded the couple by turning them in their old age into intertwining linden and oak trees.


(Classical Myth & Legend) Greek myth a poor peasant woman who, with her husband Philemon, was rewarded for hospitality to the disguised gods Zeus and Hermes


(ˈbɔ sɪs)

(in Greek myth) an aged Phrygian peasant woman who offered hospitality to the disguised Zeus and Hermes.
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Mercury sits slumped with a potty on his head like a soldier having a cigarette in a dug out, while Philemon and Baucis bring in the washing.
The gods remove Philemon and Baucis to a mountaintop from which they witness an apocalyptic flood that the gods bring down upon the valley, sparing only the pious couple and their cottage that is transformed afterward into a temple.
Philemon and Baucis, having been gracious to the gods, are granted the secret wish of all happy couples: to die simultaneously at a ripe old age.
Classical authors are adduced to document the 'source' of individual ideas and formulations, often in the ethical domain, or to suggest literary models for the narrative: for example, Seneca's Hippolytus as a prototype of lwein's wooing of Laudine; the puellae ancilla of Ovid's Ars amatoria as a model for Lunete; the stories of Philemon and Baucis from Ovid's Metamorphoses, and of Bacchus lodging with the peasant Falernus from the Pontica of Silius Italicus, as literary models for Erec taking lodging with Enite's father.