Philipp Lenard

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Noun1.Philipp Lenard - German physicist who studied cathode rays (1862-1947)
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The basic principle of identity politics applies to the realm of science as well, explained Philipp Lenard, "Chief of Aryan Physics" under the National Socialists: "Science, like every other human product, is racial and conditioned by the blood." Lenard and other "Aryan" physicists rejected Albert Einstein's work because it was "Jewish physics" and thus inferior to "Aryan physics." (4)
There's a reluctance to accept that great ideas can come from horrible people -- like the rabidly Nazi-supporting and Nobel-winning physicists Philipp Lenard and Johannes Stark.
Just think, for instance, of the four-volume manual, Deutsche Physik (published in 1936-1937), by German Nobel Prize winner Philipp Lenard, as well as the pavilions celebrating and glorifying national contributions at the 1937 International Exposition in Paris.
A ideia de Philipp Lenard foi amplamente aceita e considerada a sugestao mais correta para a explicacao do fenomeno ate aproximadamente 1910, como aponta Wheaton (1983).