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 (pā-tăN′), Marshal Henri Philippe 1856-1951.
French soldier and politician who led the pro-German Vichy government (1940-1942). He was later convicted of treason and died in prison.
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(French petɛ̃)
(Biography) Henri Philippe Omer (ɑ̃ri filip ɔmɛr). 1856–1951, French marshal, noted for his victory at Verdun (1916) in World War I and his leadership of the pro-Nazi government of unoccupied France at Vichy (1940–44); imprisoned for treason (1945)
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Henri Philippe Omer, 1856–1951, marshal of France: premier of the Vichy government 1940–44.
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General Philippe Petain was head of the Pro-Germany Vichy government after the occupation of France during World War II.
Historical author Andrew Robertssaid: "A more likely candidate might have been the former Liberal prime minister David Lloyd George, who had admired Adolf Hitler when they met before the war, and who might well have performed much the same role that Marshal Philippe Petain did after the fall of France."
This is reminiscent of the vicious attacks against Leon Blum, France's Socialist prime minister in the mid-1930s, who was later sent to Buchenwald by Marshal Philippe Petain's collaborationist World War II government.
On Wednesday, Macron called Philippe Petain "a great soldier" in speaking to reporters amid criticism over his intention to pay homage to Petain among other World War I fighters at a ceremony Sunday.
Military chiefs also wanted French president Emmanuel Macron to pay tribute to Philippe Petain and seven other marshals in Paris on November 11.
That made the now ailing Chirac the first French head of state convicted since Nazi collaborator Marshal Philippe Petain in 1945.
A Georges Clemenceau B Charles de Gaulle C Henri Philippe Petain D Albert Schweitzer 10.
France's Philippe Petain was such a hero in World War I that he earned the rare distinction of Marechal de France, but by the end of World War II, his heroics and old age could only spare him from ignominious execution.
With the Nazi German invasion of France in World War II, the Third Republic collapsed, and a French collaborationist government under Marshal Philippe Petain, a World War I hero with right-wing leanings, was established in Vichy.
Foch was balanced by Philippe Petain, commander of the French northern armies.
She even wrote directly to Vichy leader Marshal Philippe Petain, citing acquaintances they had in common, to plead that she should not be classified as an "undesirable foreigner," in light of her literary career and her oft-demonstrated love for France.