Philo Judaeus

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Phi·lo Ju·dae·us

 (fī′lō jo͞o-dē′əs, -dā′-) also Philo of Alexandria fl. early first century ad.
Alexandrian Jewish philosopher known for his pioneering attempt to interpret the Hebrew Scriptures in the terms of Platonist philosophy.

Philo Judaeus

(ˈfaɪləʊ dʒuːˈdiːəs)
(Biography) ?20 bc–?50 ad, Jewish philosopher, born in Alexandria. He sought to reconcile Judaism with Greek philosophy

Phi•lo Ju•dae•us

(ˈfaɪ loʊ dʒuˈdi əs)
c20 B.C. – A.D. c50, Alexandrian Jewish theologian and philosopher.