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1. philosopher.
2. philosophical.
3. philosophy.
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The word comes from two Greek words, philos loving, sophos wise, and means loving wisdom.
16) A 2012 study of the PHILOS plate reported a mean DASH score of 36.
Taimoorazy grew up in Tehran, is a Fellow for the Philos Project, and is an Executive Producer on this film.
Etymology: From Greekpoton ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]), "drinking-bout", and philos ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]), "friend", referring to the first flagellomere, whose shape resembles a wine bottle.
12 more sessions were conducted including orthopedics, family medicine, hospital design and planning, general surgery, cardiac surgery, otolaryngology, anesthesiology, diabetes workshop for general practitioners, session for operating room personnel, urology, tuberculosis and shoulder fracture and philos plate workshop.
Rezapour: Some existence results on nonlinear fractional differential equations, Philos.
Antigonus, Duris of Samos, invented tradition and Alexander's expedition to Siwah, barbequed Brahmins, the gaps of evidence, the battle of Gabene, mythical fighters, Agora XVI 107 and the royal title of Demetrius Poliorcetes, development of the early Hellenistic Philos, Iranians in the early Diadochi period, resistance to the Diadochi in Asia Minor, the female element (including Iranian wives), the offering of arms to Athena Lindia, propaganda strategies, the Alexandrian foundation myth, and elephants in kingship.
The next alternative was to use a PHILOS plate as it appeared to fit the contours appropriately.
philos exc co "But we'll stay true to our philosophy.
Further, either or both may be related to the Greek phil- (love, philos, loved one, dear, friend; earliest meaning is one's own (ie, kin, one's blood line, offspring?
We played pretty well, but we're not the Philos and the Martins.