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1. philosopher.
2. philosophical.
3. philosophy.
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The word comes from two Greek words, philos loving, sophos wise, and means loving wisdom.
These bacteria were determined to be the etiologic organism of Legionnaires' disease and were eventually named Legionella (for the Legionnaires) pneumophila (Greekpneumon [lung] + philos [loving]).
Le livre du jour est Un monde AaAaAeA changer de Daniel BensaAaAaAeA d, philos et militant.
S Afr J Philos 2006;25(3)206-223 (not available online).
Philanthropy comes from the Greek words philos (loving) and anthropos (human being), thus it means the love of humanity.
All 42 patients were treated on deltopectoral approach, 41 cases were treated by PHILOS locking plate, 1 case was treated with cloverleaf locking plate.
The third annual IDC National Advocacy Convention, titled Beyond Genocide: Preserving Christianity in the Middle East, was cosponsored by the ANCA, Philos Project, and Institute for Global Engagement and supported by many other DC-based and grassroots organizations.
Sorority members and their affiliates - including Philos, friends of Sigma Gamma Rho, and Rhoers, the organization's young ladies group - attending this year's conference will take part in leadership meetings, informative workshops, luncheons and other festive celebrations.
16) A 2012 study of the PHILOS plate reported a mean DASH score of 36.
The groups are also sponsored by the Philos Project, a group based in New York focused on Middle East engagement.
So it came to pass after this that everyone dedicated to wisdom was called a "lover of wisdom," that is, a "philosopher," for philos in Greek means the same as <<love>> in Latin, and so we say philos for lover and sophos for wisdom, from which we can perceive that these two words make up the name of <<philosopher,>> meaning <<lover of wisdom,>> which, we might note, is not a term of arrogance but of humility.
Philos Trans R Soc Lond B Biol Sci 2013;368:20120137.