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Noun1.Phintias - friend of Damon; Phintias (according to legend) was condemned to death by Dionysius the Elder and asked a respite to put his affairs in order; Damon pledged his life for the return of his friend; when Phintias returned in time the tyrant released them both (4th century BC)
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Aristotle; the Pythagoreans Damon and Phintias (aka Pythias); Jonathan
Modern critics have limited their discussion of the Syracusan history in Damon and Pithias to commentary on a single source, an anecdote about friendship appearing in Cicero's De officiis, book 10: (68) They say that Damon and Phintias, of the Pythagorean school, enjoyed such ideally perfect friendship, that when the tyrant Dionysius had appointed appointed a day for the execution of one of them, and the one who had been condemned to death requested a few days' respite for the purpose of putting his loved ones in the care of friend, the other became surety for his appearance, with his understanding that if his friend did not return, he himself should be put to death.
Another possible example is the Beugnot amphora, attributed to Phintias (Paris G42 = AR[V.sup.2] 23.1 = Hoppin 1917, Plate 31), where the naked man on the right holds a long staff, suggesting that he is a trainer, and the clothed man on the left holds a shorter, thicker staff, more like a walking stick.