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a.1.Having the nature or properties of phlegmon; as, phlegmonous pneumonia.
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Mumps virus infection with laryngeal oedema and thoracic wall phlegmonous inflammation in an adult.
As a result, there were received 9 peptide fractions: from acute catarrhal -1 of phlegmonous -3, of gangrenous -1 and chronic calculus - 4.
Systemic Th17-like cytokine pattern in gangrenous appendicitis but not in phlegmonous appendicitis.
A case report of Shewanella haliotis showing a phlegmonous inflammation of right lower leg with sepsis [in Japanese].
More frequent complications include phlegmonous diverticulitis (31%), abscess formation (31%), and free perforation (38%) (1).
Other, although less common, causes of this finding include inflammatory conditions such as tuberculosis, Crohn's disease, phlegmonous pancreatitis, granulomatous enterocolitis, benign disease (such as desmoid fibroma, extramedullary hematopoiesis, and hemoperitoneum), and malignant disease entities.
The reasons for conversion were technical failure, perforated appendix, general peritonitis, cavum Douglasi abscesses, and gangrenous or phlegmonous appendix, Dr.